About Us

Here at Timebomb Wholesale we vow to give you the best price we can with the best product on the market. if its not AAA Grade or OEM we wont purchase it!.

We understand that getting items out to our customers as fast as possible is TOP PRIORITY. We will do what ever it takes to ship out products immediately following payment processing for the best turn around times for you. Quick shipments and top quality parts is the most important part of owning a repair store or simply fixing your own items at home.

Timebomb Wholesale, Started due to our first endeavor in the business world as a repair store known as Timebomb Gaming & Mobile which we continue to own and operate to date.

The reason for Timebomb Wholesale was solely a means of getting great product for our repairs but turned into a craving or even hunger you could say for helping people, Even if that means other companies are doing the repairs with our great quality parts and we are not bringing in the profits from the repairs.

Visit our local shop located in Thorold!